We’re not a ‘willy nilly‘ start-up. We’re here to fix the increasing deprivation, the lack of young people opportunities and lack of empowerment towards young people.

– Patrick Cantellow, CEO


Swale Young People CIC is the first encompassing organisation for young people in Swale. We bring opportunities to young people, promoting social action, youth forums and volunteering.

We look at Medway Youth Trust (MYT) as a great example of how to work with young people. MYT is a charity that focuses on developing young people through a range of programmes, including the successful NCS scheme, support networks, youth forums and the ‘YES’ campaign.


Swale is becoming increasingly deprived according to the Index of Multiple Deprivation 2007 and 2015. In 2007, 15 neighbourhoods fell into the 20% most deprived, this now stands at 19 – 14 of which are in the 10% most deprived. 53% of Swale is in the 10% most employment deprived and 36% of the population is in the 10% most education, skills and training deprived.

The huge figure however is that young people in Swale have the lowest possible outcomes in Kent according to the Children’s Wellbeing Index.

Further to this, Swale is ranked as the 99th least well-off area out of 326 in England. Meaning than on average Swale’s socioeconomic wellbeing is among the lowest third in the country.


Youth social action and volunteering is proven to increase employability in a young person. 27% of young people who take part in social action are more likely to find a job, with 75% feeling more confident in finding employment. Youth social action had a double benefit, developing young people and leaves a lasting long term benefit on the community.


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